Thermal-Krete- A Stronger Basement


Precast concrete is manufactured under a highly controlled environment. As a result the strength of a precast basement is much higher (5000 p.s.i.) than either cast in place (3000 p.s.i.) or block type structures. A Thermal-Krete panel is built under the same exacting standards used by Kistner in both short span bridges and box culverts. Every Termal-Krete panel is extensivly reinforced with steel, and can adequately handle the stresses exerted by both the home and surrounding soils.

The slide show displays a practical informal test which was performed on a random Thermal-Krete wall panel. This panel was placed on two pieces of dunnage with a dirt ramp against the bottom edge. The wall was therefore forced to support the tractor’s full 10,000 pound wheel load on the space of its tire “footprints.” This test provides an example of the extensive strength of the Thermal-Krete basement wall.

Due to the risks associated with this test, Kistner Concrete Products does not recommend or endorse its replication.