Forix Case History


  • 2017Timber retaining walls have a limited design life and require replacement, typically by homeowners wanting to not only maintain the grade separation, but to enhance or improve aesthetics. The Rusins, who live in Mableton, Georgia, wanted to replace their timber retaining wall with a large stone, very durable and sturdy looking retaining wall. Upon reviewing various retaining wall systems, including segmental block, precast modular, and others, they chose the Forix system. Two noticeable benefits include the lightweight engineering efficiency of the Forix unit shape taking advantage of the backfill weight and the second freight savings, with the almost 600 vertical sf of wall being delivered in only two truck loads. When the foreman of the construction crew was interviewed to get his impression of the system since it was his first time installing Forix, he said it was “Fast, one of the fastest wall systems he has installed to date.” The entire time to remove the original timber wall, excavate for the new Forix wall, placement and back-filling the Forix units, final grading, seeding and straw took 1 ½ days. Construction of the Forix retaining wall was performed in November 2017 by Global Stability, LLC. If you have questions concerning this detail, please contact Earth Wall Products Engineering Department at 678.594.3451.


Product feature

  • Rusin Residence – Mableton, GA6 ft. Tall, 116 ft. Long, 612 sq. ft. Face Area