Catch Basin Slide Show


Catch Basins are generally Traffic Load Structures used to collect storm surface water. The water is generally disposed of through knockout or holes to an outlet pipe. Watertight boot connections are sometimes required.
Kistner provides all NYSDOT catch basin standards.

For the proper design of catch basin six feet or greater, inside bottom to top in depth: structures should be designed as “Catch Basin-Manholes”. A “Catch Basin – Manhole” is more economical for deeper structures because of availability of riser sections to meet depth requirements. Pipe openings are accommodated by use of standard knockouts or holes. Slab tops are manufactured for traffic loads with square or rectangular openings to accommodate grate size.

Kistner has available 4′, 5′, 6′, 8′, or 10′ diameter “Catch Basin – manholes” to accommodate specific project requirements.