Arch Culvert: Stormwater Treatment


Precast Concrete Detention / Retention Advantages…..
1.Smaller footprint.
2.Higher loading capabilities H-20 / H-25 availability.
3.Reduced cover / select fill requirements.
4.Reduced select material /backfill requirements – Savings…
5.Engineered Product – Not an engineered installation with Plastic / HDPE – alt. units.
6.Open bottom or sides so that water can infiltrate into the surrounding sandy soil.
7.Approved by State City & Local Emergency Agencies – Outriggers of emergency. equipment cannot Punch / compromise structure.
8.Fuel or petroleum spill Fire wills not impact / compromise structural status.
Cannot Burn.
9.Greenest Option – Locally manufactured & shipped. Recycled Materials. (LEED).
10.Choosing Precast Concrete means you don’t have to worry about replacing structure or Premature Failure like other competitive products.
11.Precast concrete has a 100 year life span.
12.Most durable.
13.Easiest to Design & specify.
14.Least installation sensitive.
15.Lease inspection required.
16.Lowest Life Cycle Cost.

If you want DURABILITY,……
you choose Precast Concrete !!!